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Nightchill photography is an idea which stood for a long, long time…

Dragomir Draganov is my name and I am the mind behind Nightchill photography. I graduated the English Language school in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Next to that became a Philosopher defending tesis about the Kantian moral philosophy.

The concept Nightchill photography. One philosopher said that the Real knowledge starts with astonishment; another adds that the Real photography starts with chill and thrill, but never ends with them!

And so.. This is the driving force behind this idea. The gentle chill which awakens the senses, opens the mind to new possibilities. The photograph must imply emotion, after that thinking and… real enjoyment!

For clients. Please do visit section Portfolio in order to gain full look at the professional possibilities available. Contact me through mobile or email at draganovphd@gmail.com

For Fine Art seekers. Visit section Fine Artand have a thorough glimpse at some just outstanding places like cityscapes, landscapes and seascapes from Bulgaria! All photos shown are capable for printing in Fine Art production.
For any inquiries and questions, please contact me. I would be happy to hear from you!


Dragomir Draganov-Nightchill


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